Ergonomics is matching the job to the worker and product to the user.

Manual materials handling (MMH) means moving or handling things by lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying, holding, or restraining. MMH is also the most common cause of occupational fatigue, low back pain and lower back injuries.

Consider using powered or mechanical handling systems if eliminating the MMH tasks completely is not possible. Mechanical aids lower the risk for back injury by reducing the worker’s physical effort required to handle heavy objects.

Manual handling such as lifting and carrying can be easier and safer if mechanized by using lift tables, conveyors, yokes or trucks. Gravity dumps and chutes can help in disposing of materials. However, it is essential that the worker is properly educated and trained in the safe use of the available equipment.

Access information and resources on workplace design and considerations, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, related risks, and helpful exercises.

Aerdon Equipment provided the lift tables that helped Beckville Woodcrafts win the Architectural Manufacturing Association of Canada (AWMAC) WorkSafeBC Safety Innovation Award. Beckville Woodcrafts took a proactive approach to make life easier and safer for their workers by installing 7 height adjustable lift tables to be used as ergonomic work benches. The Aerdon lift tables / work benches allow the workers to adjust the height the work surface to fit the worker and reduce the risk of back strain and other musculoskeletal injuires. See the complete story in the WorkSafeBC article. (click below)